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RA 53

Length: 2:40:02

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony

Intro: Alex present E3 Keynote Press Conference

Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Avengers
  • Community Service Sex and The City 2


Sex Fantasies?

  • Matt sex in public
  • Alex Can't say
  • Mitch wants to have sex with a girl and her hawt mom.
  • closest to death?

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt 5 refs to jerk off
  • Alex read dictionary in high school
  • alex bullshitted book report with choose your own adventure book
  • Alex and Matt get fed up with Mitch' "he's my boyfriend and we're gay."
  • Callback Matt hates Skyward Sword

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • The gayest is the infinity sign.
  • I don't want anyone to correct us ever.
  • Spiderman meets Mortal Kombat listened by no one.
  • When Slavic people speak to you it's not in stereo?
  • I'm gay and I fuck my dad.
  • That's another joke I hate that Matt started.
  • Oh we are talking about Kate Goo.
  • You can be gay, but you don't need to be flamboyant gay.
  • I wrote a mystery novel. but it has Barakka because it's all I know.
  • We are so hardcar.
  • Monster rottweiler chasing him, car saved him.
  • Sliding down a ice road onto 45 mph traffic. Could have died the most boring way possible.
  • Both stories happened on same street.


  • If I nibble your nuts would that change your mind?
  • Avengers 9/11 doesn't matter in this universe.
  • STFU Mitch.
  • I didn't get to talk about books fuckhat mcgillicutty.
  • Abu Dhabi, it's in India or some shit. (UAE)
  • I had sex with a 15 year old, I was below the age of consent.
  • Biggest age gap of sex. 15 year gap with a 36 year old man.
  • You haven't had sex with someone you met on the internet? Nevermind, I guess I'm a whore.


  • I ate a lot of meat during the weekend so I shit a lot.
  • I told her her hair was nice so I want to wrap my dick around it.
  • Hold on Mitch you couldn't stop talking?
  • Did she look like a man?
  • Kate you are entitled to your wrong opinion.
  • Gross why would you have sex with females?
  • Avengers I was really happy I didn't see Stan Lee then I did. Fuck Stan Lee
  • I want to have sex on a Japanese subway.
  • People aren't born with hate.
  • I got choked out by a guy on road rage, then I started jerking off.
  • You know what's funny? Tony wasn't done talking.
  • Fuckhat?
  • I had sex with someone 20 years older than me.
    • Kate - He was 60 years.


  • It's a joke you have to wait for later.
    • ​Matt - Like most of your jokes?
    • Kate - That joke can wait for never.


  • Use to be?! Callback
  • You know Battle Royale?
    • Kate - Yes the Hunger Games.
    • Tony - I'm going to slap the shit out of you fucker.
  • My girlfriend got me into
    • Matt - Reading?
    • Alex - You got into your ex-girlfriend?
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE Sex in the City 2
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) You selfish horse face cunt. Get your life sorted out. Fuck you.
    • Kate - You would make the worst tranny ever.
    • Tony - Yes.
    • Kate - Tony it is pretty shitty of you to judge people for their appearance is pretty fucking shallow and you should grow some maturity.
    • Tony - No fuck you. Suck my dick.
      • Matt - Whoa.
    • Tony - Are you going to wait till I'm done? Right, shut the fuck up, I'm talking.
      • Matt - See this movie made Tony a mysogynist.
    • Kate - I will break your dick and feed it to your mother.
    • Tony - I don't know much about Sex and the City except it's Grandmas getting laid.
  • Nearly got stabbed months ago.
  • As a kid wanted to jump off 30 feet down off an apartment as a kid.
  • 18 wheeler almost hit him.

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