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RA 54

Length: 2:31:15

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch

Guest: Curtis


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Community Service Air Buddies
  • Mondale in 84 did where's the beef not Duakakis.
  • Being Gay. Choice or Born?
  • Question BroPan Grossing thing you see your parent do that wasn't sex?
  • Sleeping Dogs

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Matt and Mitch made an inside joke during the Curtis 2 signs wake up at age 13
  • Alex Mortal Kombat
  • origin of Maxi B Dark Void

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Surprise Tony is a monster truck.
  • You know what they say the niggler dies first.
  • Curtis you come closest to having a vagina. Double burn.
    • ​Kate - Hey!
  • Kate this podcast is diverse and is fucking stupid.
  • I heard our president was intolerant. What a gay
  • We need a seperate bathroom. I don't want a woman to look at my penis. I'm not gay.
  • I  am sick of our faggot president trying to paint our flag pink and purple.
    • ​Matt - I heard he was a ni.ger.
  • (Sleeping Dogs) Sequel to Nintendogs?
    • Curtis - No it's a sequel to Wake Up Cats.
  • See it's not as stupid when someone makes a worse joke.
  • Drunk mom showed Alex at 12 and girl she was with 9, how to use a Trojan Magnum condom. Rubs condom on the stove burner.


  • What if Lex Luthor dated Clark Kent?
  • Homosexuals are unemployable jackasses.
  • I hate my balls. Fuck my balls.
  • Dark Void bad.
  • I blow all the dicks of Uncharted.
  • Dark Void, loading screen text spoils the plot with no bearing of where you are in the game
  • Ok Timmy 2 Hats.
  • STFU You are too smart for this show (Curtis)
  • Oh my, it's a cast full of Mitches.
  • I want a contract signed in your own jizz.


  • Mitch has beef he wants to give to Curtis.
  • Only heteros play videogames
  • You can't own me.
    • ​Alex  - That's what the black one said.
  • Where's the beef? I want penis inside me.
  • PS3 ME2 is 4 hours of updates.


  • Made a joke about Mouse limb. BAD
  • He's a black space cowboy.
    • ​Alex - So he's gay.
    • Curtis - That's not how to be gay. Learn to gay.


  • Let me finish you stupid cunt.
  • When you're 13 you wake up 1 sign left straight, right gay.  You make that choice.
    • ​Kate - I just picked up both signs.
    • Alex - And put them in your butt both ways.
  • ​Wants to punch Alex in the face.

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