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RA 55

Length: 2:14:08

Hosts: Alex Mitch Tony

Guest: Ben Coughman


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Tattoo segment
  • Mug segment starts 44 mins
  • British TV
  • mugs
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • mugs
  • Questions
    • ​Why so sexy?
    • Breener Favorite porn star?
    • least favorite director?

Other Shit and some Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • The only compatible thing with Apple products is cancer.
  • Tony I'm drinking here.
  • Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, mugs.
    • Tony - Shut up.
  • I got a Jeopardy mug from my ex-girlfriend. I'll take sex for $200.
  • Dude there's 10 mugs here. (53:57)
    • Tony - Can you stop talking about fucking mugs?!
  • I still have to talk about mugs.
  • What the fuck is this episode about?
  • I want a dingerdoo version of Random Assault.
    • Ben - Acoustic dubstep.
  • Tony you were saying about your penis being bigger.
    • Tony - I knock people over with it for fun. Damn right.
  • It's shaped like Sherlock Holmes. The sherlock holmes is a mug.
  • I would marry a mug of Mary Tyler Moore from the Dick Van Dyke show.
  • I hope I get arrested so I get a mugshot.
  • Picture is a bit mug.
  • You know what? Matt is so pissed he can't talk about his boob mug.
  • I was walking home and I got mugged.
  • I jerk off.
    • Matt - We rub it on ourselves.
  • You know what I want to bring up? Sherlock Holmes.
    • Tony - Please talk about Sherlock Holmes unmuginterrupted.
  • Coughman you are a fucking Megaman boss.
  • Willyfresh. fuck you?


  • That's true they fucked up Kate pretty bad.
  • (Porn) I watch anything. Twilight Sprinkle.


  • Big Bang Theory 64.
  • I made a mug in art class in 8th grade.
  • Sherlock Mugs.
  • I can take Matt's semen.
  • Muggy outside
  • Mug Talk.
  • You're listening to Super Mug Radio. What mug would you merry?
  • Coughman what's the handle size of your mug?
  • I got fitted for a mug the other day. Size 11.
  • I got a tattoo of a mug drinking out of a mug.
    • Coughman - What a shittiest fucking show.
    • Alex - I blame the guest.
  • (Coughman) No you need a mug.
  • When you think about it the pool is a giant mug.
  • You know what I did to my pool? I attached a giant handle so it would look like a mug.
  • Buy a mug. Buy mug root beer.
    • Mitch - Alex because it came in a mug.
  • You mugged yourself.
  • How many Sherlock Holmes, tattoos, coughdrops, lemons.
  • 1:24:20 Mitch we are done with mugs.


  • I was choosing between walking the dog or the Grim Reaper.
  • Mitch looks like Issac in Binding of Issac constantly crying.
  • Who the fuck is a Sonic?
  • You are a mug.
  • That's racist ....... nigga.
  • This is the best or worst episode we ever done.
  • When will the Mitch and Matt fuckgest be filmed and distributed?
    • Alex - Have we moved from the Alex and Mitch fuckfest?


  • I am a fat piece of shit.
  • Fuck your mugs.
  • I grip the mug.
  • Keep mugging the camera.
  • You fucking mug.
  • Fuck this I'm drinking coffee out the goddamn pitcher.
  • My favorite mug is the tattoo of a mug on my arm.
  • 1st lemons and now mugs.
  • Scott Pilgrim was Canadian and they fuck everything up.
  • I stay unsexy by staying with Mitch.

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