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RA 57

Length: 3:00:00

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Earthbound
  • Questions
  • sucky job?
  • Lost game save?
  • Favorite horrible poem?
  • mastubation mishaps?

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex a NPC in Boothill Heros.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • No plans, my name is Nintendo.
  • That's when I realized I had my first UTI. Dark shade of orange piss.
  • Fuck BroPan goddamn it.
  • Kazmo
    • ​Matt - My son.
  • Kate have you ever loved something?
    • ​Kate - No.
  • ​Was the feeling in your dick so you tried to kill it?
  • 3DSXXL
  • Tollbooth story. Worst night. Camper. 15 crash horrible accident. People might have died.
  • Fuck that guy.
    • ​Kate - I would but he would be in tears.
  • What was that story of a person going to work and a person writing shit in shit.
    • ​Kate - That was Brett Elston.


  • I have a uncle and a cousin with down syndrome and I still make retarded jokes.
    • ​Matt - Can they at least count to potato.
  • ​If Seth McFarlene made this podcast.
    • ​Alex - More people would actually listen.
  • Dad at a pizza restaurant. Argument. Got arrested for the first time.
  • Once finished and there was blood in my semen.
    • ​Alex - Masturbated with what? Monsters?

​I put 3 bouncy balls in my ass. 2 came out.


  • Dick.
    • ​Kate - Where?
  • ​3DSXXL Fuck this piece of shit.
  • My left testicle went up in my body.
    • ​Alex - I can do that just for fun.
  • ​Fuck it my balls are huge.
  • His mom's first child was a stillborn.
  • Seth McFarlene is a fucking asshole.
  • BroPan doesn't fucking matter.
    • Alex - We'll talk about fans except BroPan
  • Fuck BroPan.
  • Stop sending me porn BroPan.


  • I bought Dizzy the Egg on NES.
  • Worked night shift at theater the roof caved in.
  • It goes in your butt where everything else goes.

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