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RA 59

Length: 2:41:00

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt


Closing Song:

Content Covered:


  • Favorite soundtrack movie based on videogame?
  • Thought you were adopted?
  • Destroyed thing with the biggest consequence?
  • Snow buddies community service
  • Most damage you caused?
  • Dragon Ball Z Kate contest.  What happened? 

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex, Kate, Matt, Mitch all know I'll tell you what you want if you really really want.
  • Alex hates yahoo articles
  • Mitch correct Kate wrong. The herbie movie with lindsey lohan was called Herbie Fully Loaded
  • Alex thought his uncle could have been his father

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • It's ok to write about rape if you are a woman.
  • When the discovery store closed, went to the back and destroyed a lot of inventory.
  • Then you shat out all that catfood.
  • American Bald Beagle.
  • I like to preorder a sandwich do you have the lettuce DLC?
  • It doesn't fit because it's Tony.
  • Broke magic 8 ball, got blue stuff on hands and arms for 2 weeks.
  • Let me open your prostate
    • ​Matt - I don't like girls.


  • Matt Do you want to start a podcast?
    • ​Matt - No.
  • ​Speaking of rape I have a story to tell. I read 50 shades of grey.
  • You star out in porn then it gets more extreme. I used the stumbleupon equivalent of porn. I got to the point where I saw everything.
  • Our show is fucking stupid.


  • Rape jokes are getting everyone in trouble, that's why we need to make the most.
    • Kate - Hold still let me rape you.
  • I rape lots of time.
  • I had to make husky dogs out of jizz.
  • Then I raped a cat and then ate catfood.
  • I had a nightmare of my girlfriend also being my cousin because my granddad fucked everything. Now I don't care, I'll fuck anybody.
  • I like porn to be new and exciting why rewatch?
    • ​Kate - If you're dating me you can use your phone.
  • ​I have emergency porn.
  • I got my first internet at 16. You think I wasn't jerking off 7 hours a day.
  • Tommy Tallarico that asshole. 
  • It's like jerking off and delivering a baby, it's bullshit. 
  • I once threw a magazine at a window and broke the window.
  • Then you ate all that catfood.

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