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Length: 2:03:32

Hosts: Alex Drew Mitch Tony


Closing Song: Fatality Mortal Kombat Love Song

Content Covered:

  • Things and stuff

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • First mention of free handjob coupons.
  • Alex audio sounds like he is recording underwater within a bubble.
  • Alex first time of Fuck em 3x to Tom Cruise
  • Mortal Kombat launch story (pretended female caller) Battletoads prank call 1st mention

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Laundry soap sounds like British cusine.
  • If your a guy that loves Jesus. GAAAY!
  • Mitch jerks off to his mom.
  • I am a pedophile but I sleep with children as a daytime job. I sleep with women to get away from that.
    • Mitch "What?"
    • Alex "I sleep with children."
  • I go home feeling good everyday.
    • Mitch "Where can I apply?"
    • Alex "Just go to a daycare. There is a pedophile one in Pennsylvania."
    • Alex "Fuck you I don't care."
    • Mitch "You're 2.5 feet tall."
    • Alex "I am and that's why its easy to fuck children."


  • Portal 2 promoting anal sex and stealing credit cards.
  • Holy shit! It's raining in Minecraft.


  • The Comcast HQ is right down the street from me. I just want to walk in and yell MORTAL KOMKAST!
  • This cast comes with a free handjob.
  • If comedy had a boner I would so kill it. (Already does it)
  • Anonymous brings down the PSN and isn't afraid of anything.
  • PC gaming is the best religion.
  • Kinectimals is the only game that always has animalities.


  • We gave away our monocles for Kinects.
  • You son of a fucking cunt.
  • I am the TURbo of Mortal Kombat.

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