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RA 61

Length: 2:17:56

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • PS All Stars not getting praise
  • Favorite part of 1965 batman movie?
  • How flexible?
  • Repeat of Kate would you fuck us segment?
  • Roll call episode 50 shoutouts
  • Least favorite gen of gaming?

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Kate corrected Mitch on inFamous coming out before Assassins Creed II in 2009.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Maxi B would have flown the fuck in here.
  • jellybean IMAX story
  • We learned so much this episode. We taught the internet everything it needs to know. 
  • Yes the fridge is the foreskin. That reminds me of cleaning the fridge.
    • ​Mitch - There's so much cheese.
  • Devestator/Annilator powertools at Lowes
  • Sonic is the milk of the internet. Slabflapper drives a van.
  • Fuck a Muslim, fuck a jew, and fuck fans of Blink 182
    • ​Kate - Are you singing ICP?
  • I stole a girls panties.
    • ​Kate - Are you wearing them now?
  • Aww dicks.
    • ​Kate - Speaking of dicks I love eating apricots because they look like little vaginas.


  • Threatened doctor because was called by boy name.
  • None of the Kate stanky on Mitch's hangdown.


  • That's what the internet is for. Mitch is wrong.
  • I like pouring mercury in my dickhole.
  • I go after small girls because I have a small penis.


  • Mentions Long Distance Timothy doing the 100 yard dash. (So bad justify that is long distance)
  • I find Poison hot.
    • ​Kate - I knew you were a tranny cockglobbler.
  • ​Can you touch your nose with your dick?
    • ​Tony - Yes.


  • Olympics 2012

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