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RA 63

Length: 1:58:40

Hosts: Alex Kate Mitch

 Guest: Breener


Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Breener's origins and lifestory.
  • Community Service Alex on Shamwow guy Underground Comedy
  • RA Questions
    • ​Why Damien Shadow sexy?
    • Alex "How much does your dick weigh?"
    • Breener "In pascals?"
    • How bout another episode on TMNT?
    • Have anything as a (Dafi Makura?)
    • What does planet mars taste like?
    • Kazmo "Tell me what you think about me?
    • Is it too late to ask a question?
    • Most horrible sketchy thing  a cast member did?
    • Watch Blind? Loved it?
    • Mela Question which was a callback?
      • Went to a callback on previous episode Alex told about girlfriend about film to get her in the mood and showed a gf a picture of a harlequin baby.
    • Breener question about resonating memory of consuming a medium? related to sex.

Other Shit and some Facts:

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • My credit card was compromised. $650 was spent at Forever 21 in Pennsylvania so it was Mitch.
  • (plugged turbo)
  • Who's the black guy in Green Mile? Not Tony. One time I wasn't on a podcast and it was awesome.
  • Monsters Inc reminds me of blowjobs and french fries.
  • Mortal Kombat Deception first blowjob.


  • I hated my girlfriend and her 20 periods.
  • You can't out Destiny Child me you shit.
  • Curtis what happened to that faggy zabu guy?
  • Cheated on girlfriend with said girlfriends sister (SLUT)
  • Sleeping with another best friends sister (SUPER STANK WHORE SLUT SLUT)
    • ​Alex - Then you ate catfood off her tits.
  • ​You cocksucking faggots.
  • Pulp Fiction was 1st dick story of dick getting touched.
  • Goodbye internet my name is David Rhinehart.
  • First girl Kate fingered was to Lord of the Rings.


  • Likes Infamous 2.
  • Rules are made to be broken.
    • Alex - Especially penises.
  • You never masturbated with your love?
    • Alex - Yes with catfood. I once made catfood out of my love.
  • V for Vendetta first handjob.


  • I'm Mitch and I'm gay.
    • ​Alex - Don't make me hate you.
  • Buttdicks all up in your buttdicks.
  • PowerBottom Curtis.
  • Likes Prototype more than inFamous.
  • Easter, we use potatoes to paint eggs.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 reminds me of smelling dog farts.
    • ​Kate - Fingering your dogs asshole and then get a blowjob?

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