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RA 64

Length: 2:03:23

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Closing Song: Cover of Weezer's Why Bother.

Content Covered:

  • C64 Segment

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Kate repeats the Le Tran, Le Tran joke
  • Where's the beef joke reference that was used in episode 12. 

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Hates Gamestop company.
  • I wish I had an asteroid belt to hold up my space pants.
  • Is he going to fill up the gas tanks with farts? Wow did Matt write this?
  • Why are people talking about Obama on your Guile youtube video?
  • Hates Goof Troop
  • JonTron good but hates Game Grumps
  • Mitch is fucking unfunny.
  • Dude Space Mountain is my penis.
  • 10 year old Mitch. Yai yo Yai yo.  don't Give it up spoonman, don't give it up shit stain.
  • Fucking BroPan? seriously?
    • ​Matt - Fucking Bropan. That's why fucking BroPan is such a moron.


  • Mitch fell in the sandcastle.
  • I was going to eat waffles tonight.
    • ​Matt - Why would you ever eat your own vagina?
  • ​I want to collect all the PS2 games.
    • ​Alex - You can't afford bread.
  • ​You can have my Ender Zone anytime you want.
  • I never liked the wood burning consoles.
    • Alex -  Shut the fuck up.
  • I asked my dad to watch me jerk off.
  • Stop fucking dogs.
    • ​Matt - Fuck ponies.


  • Content. Cunt tent. Tents made of cunt.
  • William Hung is a super smart engineer.
    • ​Mitch - He's asian.
  • George Carlin ate catfood.
  • It's just a floppy vagina.
  • Big Bob Fuck BBQ Barn
  • If I could hold it in my ass, I can hold it forever.
  • Starts naming all the games he owns in monotone.
  • His parents said they were "wrestling"
  • Was in Tony's asshole.
  • Arnold on Magic School Bus freezing on Pluto scared him.
  • I'm not racist. I have a black friend.
    • ​Kate - Not for long.


  • Space buddies all the kids are different.
    • ​Matt - The kids are dead.


  • Cunt tent.
  • Will collect all the Gamecube games.
  • I went to the olympics. (Wrestling)
    • ​Kate - Did you see Mario & Sonic?
  • ​Faggots shut the fuck up, Tony's about to talk.
  • Bony Jones
  • I like that Mitch is the only one that can derail his own community service.

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