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RA 65

Length: 2:22:35

Hosts: Alex Mitch Tony

Guest: Byron Reed


Closing Song: Some Japanese girl voice song

Content Covered:

  • Alex playing AC Brotherhood Doesn't give a shit about history or setting but loves the series.
  • Borderlands 2 release date Bron though 9/11 Alex 9/28 offical date 9/18

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Mitch correct with Halo 2 release date
  • Mitch rementions how he loves the Worlds End With You
  • Bron sleeps in the gullitone room

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • He floated most of the way after we broke his limbs.
  • We have a mansion made out of garbage and a floor of rockband mics.
  • Ezio is not great at stealth.
  • Here I am no fucks of history or Templars and yet I'm happy.
  • Use a HAM-MER
  • Olympics - Shouldn't the horse get the medal.
  • Oh wow the  Royal Postbox?
  • Angry foreigners can't read or write.
  • Fuck it Jesus Pricing on the iOS?
  • We beat him with a surfboard
  • He's a horrible surfboard with broken bones.
  • By mostly naked he's wearing a hat sorta.
  • (Mitch) I've been judging you as a black person since I was 2 years old.
  • Jerk ass friend jerk as nephews where in a fast food store and said "Why is that guy made of chocolate? What's the chocolate people?"
  • What am I Mitch? Why would I do that to humankind?
  • If Ghost Recon starts over it should be called Ghost Retcon.
  • I am a completionist and I'm challenging myself.
  • Beards are a staple of lazyness.
  • Fucking BroPan.
  • Your dick is hard I guess it works.
  • The dick cheese.
  • My favorite SPF is Borderlands.
  • That ain't my phone number. That's my gamerscore.
  • This class is going to teach you how math can be used in English in Chemistry.
  • That is racist because that's clearly Chinese. Bron isn't Asian. Fucking BroPan.
  • Rosie O Donell is wet. It's filled with oil.
  • We want comment feedback. Draw Bron. Don't use black.
  • Fuck BroPan.
  • Kate she has souless pupil discs for eyes.


  • I thought he liked waterboarding.
  • Ate catfood.
  • Fucking BroPan. Why can't he hear us? He has slanted ears.
  • I watch movies and cartoons for animation class.
    • ​Alex - But you went to an art institute.
  • Say 9/11
    • ​Alex - That's already hilarious.
  • We surfed on him.
  • I can feel Sonic inside me. Breeners dad overreacted. I asked if he wanted to see an uncircumsized dick.
    • ​Alex - Yeah and you showed him my penis.
  • Everyone named Mitch is an asshole.
  • His name is Dishonored like Halo is Halo.
  • He has such a smooth butt, you don't even know.
    • ​Alex - I do.


  • You have natural dieasters once a year?
    • ​Alex "You mean Japan?"
  • ​Pigs lay bacon.
  • I don't touch myself.


  • Horrible Wal-Mart story. Lady I don't have time for this.
  • If I said something black would I be scared of me?
  • Madden 13 It's football.
  • I hate the PC master race.
    • ​Alex - Drew.

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