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Length: 2:02:28

Hosts: Alex Matt Mitch

Intro: James Bond esque

Closing Song:

Content Covered:

  • Digimon
  • Totally Spies
  • Goldeneye 007 experiences

Other Shit and some Facts:'

  • Mitch is correct about Halo 2 release date 11/9/04. Half-Life 2 was later
  • Fuck Em Tom Cruise (2nd time Alex did this)
  • You know that podcast (referenced)

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • Yo yo yo, Strangle Mitch.
  • James Bond probably had a dog spaded and not stirred.
  • I liked the first 2 Austin Powers movies but the 3rd one made me hate the last two.
  • Tom Cruise is in it? (Fuck em begins.)
    • Tony "That is your legacy."
    • Alex "Hope that isn't what I'm known for.
  • No one listens to us for news.
    • Matt "I hope not."


  • It's not illegal because we have a license to kill.
  • Jerks off to screensavers.
  • I hope I'm not buried in his ass.
  • These fucking videogame people fucking kill me. "Sonic, Sony, Nintendo rant"
  • Miaymoto is losing is fucking mind.
  • Failure of Nintendo not having online co-op. Huge untapped 25-30 year old market.


  • Back in my day we had 151 Pokemon and we goddamned liked it.
  • Brooms give me extreme boners.

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