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Length: 2:01:09

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch


Closing Song: Alex rendition of Getting Jiggy with it.

Content Covered:

  • Officially part of Front Towards Gamer in some way.
  • Biggest fears?
    • Alex - curbstomp
    • Mitch - clowns

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Alex dad is a DJ
  • One Piece gets mentioned
  • Fuck em 3x Ryan Reynolds
  • Mitch Hedberg, Alex favorite stand up comic.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • I always called your last name Dr. Papaya.
  • Qbone wears his mothers head.
  • Drew wants to tell you he likes to finger his butthole.
  • Coming from a person who's favorite colors are red and black the Virtual Boy still sucks.
  • Yopei Gono Quit Nintendo so he could pursue his goal getting in a car crash.
  • (GR forums) Our pages are long and they are all about trannies.
  • Mentions TURbo
  • Italian Brazilians- Battalians


  • I'm Kate Reilly brought by internet unpopular fucking demand.
  • I was expelled from high school. I don't have many career options.
  • I swear I'm a lady.
  • My younger brother kneed my dad in the nuts when he got out of the shower.
  • No says the man in Blockbuster. No says the man in Sun Coast.
  • I hate you so fucking much I will fuck your cunt with a crowbar.
  • Speaking of failure when I was in court. I got a fight with my dad.
    • Matt - Your dad is a pussy.
  • I was charged with assault. I've only been arrested twice.


  • I got nothing to talk about.
    • Kate - Neither do I.
  • Our friends at Front Towards
    • Kate - Fuck them.
    • Matt - Now we are canceled.
  • My old job someone looked at my name and said are you PoppaZorros? I am now.
  • Elite Beat Agents isn't hard but it makes me hard.
  • Coughman is he that asshole?
  • I have no reason to get arrested. I just sit at home and jerk off.
    • Mitch - only if child prawn.
  • I never played Sonic or got arrested.
  • My friend Paul rapped I like to fuck Mexicans in the butt and a hispanic woman was there.
    • Kate - Did she clean his mouth with soap?


  • Your better off looking for regular pornstars like Ariel Rebel, Taylor Rain, Tori Black or Lexi Belle.
  • If I see an ass, I know who's ass that is when I jerk off.
  • It's all that Zionism in Saudi Arabia that gets Pokemon banned.
  • Sonic Heroes. Beat it.
  • Why no Sonic its a rite of passage.
  • Has anyone tried a McGangBang?
    • Alex - You already said that. You are interrupting yourself.
  • Kate did you get the Okami Transformers?
    • Kate - No because I'm not a faggot.

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