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Length: 2:11:47

Hosts: Drew Matt Mitch


Closing Song: Some Portal 2 ending song

Content Covered:

  • Drew had problems with incorrect things said about the PC
  • Symbotic relationship of porn and internet
  • PC vs. Console why it is bullshit

Other Shit and some Facts:

  • Fuck em both used by Mitch and Matt during Alex's absence
  • Mitch doing Fuck em3x
  • Favorite game/series?
    • Tony GTA
    • Matt Chrono Trigger series
    • Mitch World Ends with You
  • Matt had mac products (laptops)
  • Mitch starts stupid jobs joke at 1:38:11 and continues until 2:10:10.
  • Haven't we heard this before?
    • Mitch brings up Price is Right Price Down font same as GTA font
    • The bald X-Men 3 kid looks like Megan Fox.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • (Nothing)


  • You are going to be 45 and live with your parents which will be me by the way.
  • I don't talk to many people.
  • Best game ever is your mom.
  • I wish I was a hamster in Drew's asshole.
  • There will be some reason anyone will be working retail and none of them can be good because retail fucking sucks.
  • (1:23:48) Kids if you put your mind to it you can jerk off to anything.
  • I have my hand in my pants.
  • Speaking of futa, I jerked off to tranny porn yesterday and finished.
  • I know I can jerk off to a girl with a dick, but I wondered if I cold jerk off to a guy with tits.
  • Shoulders up you would never fucking know it was a dude.
  • Laughed 10 minutes in a theater, when Will Ferrell was hit by a car in Elf.
  • I'm jamming my dick in the PC.


  • I'm totally digging into my asshole.
  • Could you imagine how terrifying to have a hamster showved inside a woman's vagina?
    • Matt - I'm afraid I would jerk off to it.
  • Fred he's the biggest shithead on youtube.
  • Knife mayor. He is the mayor of knives.
    • Matt - That is completely retarded.
  • Every time I see a tranny they took a womans face and a mans face and mashed them together.
  • (ugly trannies) You can tell something is wrong.
    • Andy - No they don't. Not the really good ones.
  • I hand to wash mine. It was full of jizz.
  • I can understand why girls wear skirts. It feels nice to have a breeze on your genitals.
  • I'm not anti-PC I play Team Fortress 2, Audiosurf, and hentai games.
  • had do be fast to jerk off to Girls Gone Wild infomercial
    • Andy - You only have 30 seconds.
    • Matt - That's all I need.
  • Fuck that guy.
    • Matt - You want to fuck Dane Cook.

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