RA 95

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Length: 2:31:45

Hosts: Kate Matt Mitch Tony

Guests: Kazmo, Sol Stockton

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Notable Facts

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • I said 95.
    • Mitch - Windows 95
  • Your mom is 95.
  • One of my friends got twat surgery.
  • Clit piercings are sexy and I don't have one.
  • In my dream I had a dream I got a butt piercing. I don't know how that doesn't get infected and die of poop poisoning.
  • I went on a website of body mods like PC mods. I saw a DIY castration. I went down the rabbit hole.
  • Ever since bitstrips gone wrong, your stories are 120% more hilarious.
  • Fat fuck HIlary in GTA Vice City her least favorite mission.
  • I never have seen such faggotry from you Mitch.
  • I'm SouthPark Sol anime.
    • Tony - What is going on here?
  • Seams like Japan doesn't have the uncanny valley.
    • Matt - They already look like the uncanny valley.
  • Tony wrong about Hunger Games and Battle Royale.
  • In the first book she was a mean cunt. (some character in Hunger Games)
    • Mitch - Guess she didn't need to work really hard.
  • Flaming Elmo testicles.
  • Trigga, Trigga what?
  • Lil Wayne and Soulja boy #1 and 2 faggots in rap
  • Dexter's mom had ass.
    • Matt - Oh yea!


  • I had a dream I smashed a guys windshield with a polo mallet. How white am I?
  • Would you fuck Willy. I would.
  • Was he fucked in the ass an made humble? (Kojima)
  • Speaking of Jews, GTA V.
  • All aboard the rape train.
    • Kate - What the fucking fuck?
  • Seaman suppose to come out on Dreamcast again.
  • That show was so Irish I almost bled potatoes.
  • What's that game? Dinosaurs attack my BBQ?
  • If Nintendo bought Atlus, they would do nothing with it and make Mario.
  • Dave He has the most retarded opinions ever.
  • Fucking limewire. Catfood.


  • Tony I wore my....
    • Tony - Shut the fuck up I'll slit your throat when I come to America.
  • BroPan speak of insensitive called me a jabroni.
  • Can't see Hunger Games because it is sexist.
  • Strip twister.
    • Kate - That's a great way to get your own asshole in your mouth.
  • A lot of boobs in the Pokemon manga
    • Kate - Not in the stuff I've seen. I've seen her with a big fat cock.
  • I've seen that to.
  • How is this not made by Christian Chandler?
  • I had a dream of cross dressing dinosaurs.
    • Kate - I had a dream I was a cross dressing dinosaur.


  • I'm Wildly Fresh.
    • Matt - We should put Willyfresh to spite Sol.
  • I played a videogame. It has anime.
  • Demon Souls for Nintendoland from now on.
  • Grown Ups 2, best movie of alltime.
    • Matt - You know who to hang out with if they want to watch Grown Ups 2.
  • Heavy Dynasty I can do it alright.
  • Whoa boney jones? Don't you mean rattle his bones?
  • King of zimbabwe what's his name?
    • Kate - faggot.
  • I am animu.

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