RA 96

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Length: 2:03:46

Hosts: Alex Kate Matt Mitch Tony


Content Covered

  • Jim Sterling Lord and Savior of Chungus. Unoriginal content
  • One Adult theater being closed down
  • Sonny Chiba Street Fighter pulling testicles
  • Raid the Redemption
  • Question favorite dad?
  • Favorite Direct 2 DVD movie?
  • What do you think of this trend where videogames aren't allowed to just be fun games. It seems like everyone in the industry trying to be an experience instead of a videogame. If a game pushings graphics, storytelling, and technology ignored by games and the media. Even worse in serious tones. It seems like indie games were advancing to the industry no fall into 3 categories. Retro inspired with lots of references to hide subpar gameplay, 2 funny games hide shitty gameplay, or 3 art some nonsense deep statement art while boring like Dear Esther.
    • Kate "That's a retarded statement SHUT THE FUCK UP".

Notable Facts

Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Since when have we followed definition.
  • What do you think of games with too much story? I think you are a faggot.
  • Kate get an anal piercing and I'll kick you in the Chungus.
  • Jesus Christ if I got in a car acciden I would look like Vanilla Ice.
  • Raid the Redemption a fleet of cops fight 30 levels to get to the final boss.
    • Matt - But Roger Ebert gave it 1 star.
    • Alex - He's so boring he's dead.
  • It's like they collected all the cum in 1 area to start a family.
  • A chair destroyed which I assume by fucking.
  • Looks like a crystallize ball of cum
  • A cumdevil
  • Mitch "Matts study place."
  • I'm more of a feudal Japan, feudal Japan fan.
  • I came across looking at a 1 2 year old girl. I just wanted to listen to a song.
  • My favorite dad is John Cabral
    • Matt - My favorite dad is Alfred.
  • We have a video every 45 months.


  • Doctor comes in looks, and then turns around.
  • I'll bend over and suck all the Joss Whedon dick.
  • I never take anything you say personally. You hurt my feelings.
  • Friend in Vancouver porn theater, renovation photos.
  • White Fag my favorite Wilderness Book.
  • Bathroom was the Craiglist.
  • I couldn't imagine that much incadesent semen.
  • I remember the $3 store going out of business because the $2 opened up across the street.
  • Winnie the Butt
  • Looks like Matt's room.


  • Chungus is anything you want it to be provided it is in the groinal area. Like a taint sideways. An outside  taint.
  • Stop I hear a noise. She's in the basement. I watched a movie with her. She didn't know.
  • I watched Double Dragon 1994. It's literally Double Dragon Neon before it was out.
  • Anime isn't everything
    • Alex - In space no one can hear you anime
  • It makes stupid action scenes to set up horrible puns.
    • Amanda - He looks like Alex's double dragon Robert Patrick.
  • It's so meta before meta was a thing.
  • Apologize for apologizing.
  • Flintstones sucks.
    • Kate Flintstones fulfilled archtypes.
    • Tony - Fat guy, moderately attractive wife.
  • Are you brave enough to enter the BLOWJOB ZONE?
  • I went to Otacon 2 years ago. Awful. How many douchebags can we cram in one place?
  • You think that badge gives you the right?
    • Alex - I have this badge and they throw games in my face.
    • Kate - Hand in your badge and lightgun.


  • I was running on Philly rooftops when there was a rainstorm and listened to Anamanaguchi.
  • I'm going to show you the picture. One hot, the other looks like a fucking alien girl like in Psychonauts.
    • Kate - Has Hey Arnold head?
    • Tony - Kate & Matt "Whoa, Jesus Christ.
    • Kate - Her mother's vagina was too tight it ruined her face.
  • Queerbait
    • Kate - Like jailbait, you bait the jails.
  • A photo set is a set of photos.
    • Alex (fuming breath)
  • I have to explain everything because tumblr is retarded.

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