RA Matt
Cast daddy of Random Assault. Created the TalkRadar Community Extravanganza to celebrate TalkRadar. Unforunately TalkRadar was on a downhill ride, and the Talkradar Community Extravanganza did not get mentioned by the hosts of TalkRadar creating some conflict.

He was born in Industrial Cunt Sludge, New Jersey.

Matt created Random Assault because at the age of 27 he needed something to do besides playing videogames, working a part time retail job, fapping, and living with his parents.

Matt takes many endevaors in the realm of fapping. He always tries to jerk off to new types of porn, whether it is ugly dudes as unpassable trannies or urethra fingering.

Matt's penis has been viewed in Australia and Canada.

His favorite movie of all time is Total Recall, and the new remake can fuck itself. He is very disappointed of what Nintendo has become. He hates Stan Lee because his dad hates Stan Lee. At least his dad doesn't hate black people. Has a huge fucking head.

Hosts of Random Assault
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