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BOSTON FIG 2012 Part 1

Length: 1:15:08

Hosts: Alex Mela Josh

Content Covered:

  • Boston FIG 2012
  • Podcast was in Car.


  • Fiona and Dan Silvers two of the 4 co producers of the Boston FIG.
  • Pandenmonium A tabletop board game.
  • Snapshot David Carreg?
  • Set up printing production for Boston FIG Glen Palmer
  • Firehose Games Go Home Dinosaurs
  • Ninja Jim - Dan Whiteman, Jason Whiteman
  • Zack Sharon sophmore MIT representing MIT Game Lab. Showing up Student Games. A Slower Speed of Light
  • Lesbian Cat Wars not Lesbian Cat Whores
  • Robot Rising Emma Clarkson Community Manager

Funny Stories and Quotes: Alex

  • Fistful of Indie Games!
  • We're breaking up.
    • Mela - No.
    • Alex - I mean me and Josh are breaking up.
  • What did you do Mela?
    • Mela - I smoked outside.
    • Josh - That was hard. On your lungs.
  • Fuck you. Fuck the world. Everyone should die so basically he is me.
  • Talks about the amazing 8-bit NES stealth platformer. (The precursor to Mark of the Ninja) That never got released
  • Lesbian cat boobs.
  • The internet is nothing but cats.
  • Did she have dickboobs?


  • Your iphone can suck a D
    • Mela - There's an app for that.
  • I don't know anyone besides myself that will dedicate 9 hours to a single tabletop game
    • Alex - I'm sure they're out there. There are lots of people out there without girlfriends.
    • Mela - Random Assault fans get on this! Josh wants to play with some of you! Not with his balls but with his hands.
    • Alex - Coughman will play with you. He just sits there and sweat.


  • My Tardis hurts.
  • Oh my god we will be on the google!
  • There's nothing nerds love more than sports.
  • No one plays Monopoly. They just buy the sets for the pieces.
  • No more poop.
  • One boob at the end of the dick.
  • I'm allergic to cats so I'm going to get a dog and name it cat.
    • Alex - I'm going to get a cat and name it Fuck you Mela.