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Minor Assault Asuras Wrath

Length: 36:32

Hosts: Matt Jake

Content Covered:

  • Asuras Wrath

Notable Facts:

  • They love it.

Funny Stories and Quotes:


  • I like the game because the main character is so mad.
  • You fight a person bigger than a planet then you fight the planet itself.
  • I rarely have played a game on that scale of magnitude.
  • The part where is baby screams and he gets mad and doesn't know what to do. It touched my heart spot.
  • My favorite death is when the old guy dies.
  • Asura with all his arms to beat back that one finger.


  • That game felt like it was originally a TV show.
  • Death Star is nothing compared to the things you fight in this game.
  • The Guardians are mechanical but also organic.
  • The people on the planet are feudal. Then there is a massive starfleet populated by robot soldiers led by a robot half human half robot general.
    • Matt - And they never explain it.
  • Longest QTE you'll enjoy.
  • They spend more than half of the game in space and you only see the moon once.
  • The enemy that betrays Asura and basically is Ganon.
  • This is the most enjoyed anime you'll ever play.
  • We love you forever.
    • Matt - I will love you harder.