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RA Minor Assault 2

Length: 1:24:28

Hosts: Matt Willy

Closing Song - Swingtime for Justice and Hero by Nickelback

Notable Fact:

1st episode to be called a Minor Assault

Content Covered:


Funny Stories and Quotes


  • Topher Grace should have been Spiderman (RA 155 catfood and many more times)
  • What do you like a Spiderman?
    • Willy - It's Spiderman!
  • It's more ballsy making Spiderman a kid than bisexual.
    • Willy - I don't like Morales kid because he's bl.
    • Matt - The Hispanic part is okay.
  • Spiderman where he is a 32 year old undercover high school kid.
  • Willy have you seen Spoony?
  • I don't know much about Spiderman but I hate the movies.
  • If he was a spider he would shoot the web out of his ass.
  • I liked the 3rd movie.
    • Willy - You're a fucking moron.
  • We're nerds and we're gonna talk about how Spiderman ruined our lives.
  • I laughed so hard when Spiderman hit Mary Jane.
  • Dragonball Z went on 5 years longer than it should have.
  • Fuck Stan Lee.
    • Willy - The Raider of the Talk
  • I love listening to myself.


  • I first saw the 60's cartoon before seeing the 90's one.
    • Matt- Good god.
  • I love 1960's Spiderman memes.