Random Assault was started by a thread in the GamesRadar forums by Nickroll. He wanted to know if there was some TalkRadar fans that could get together for a podcast. Flabslapper became the first person to take charge, and that was the last of Nickroll ever again.

March 2011 was a prime era for fans on the GamesRadar forums to create their own podcasts and leave a thread page on TalkRadar General. The KongKast after 2 years of hype via forum threads released the same week as Friends with Benefits/Random Assault. The KongKast people of lava lamp, crabbo, and AnthonyJ63 whatever disbanded after creating one podcast and then they proceeded to gorespam, and futaspam the forums for the next year until it shut down.

At first did they want to be exactly like TalkRadar? The answer was no. They spun off to be their own thing. When they first started they wanted the name to be Friends with Benefits. They changed it after someone had the Friends With Benefits podcast listed on the iTunes. Matt and Tony decide to change the name of the podcast to Random Assault since it was going to be hosted on Front Towards Gamer. In order to be Random Assault, Matt killed his older self with an AK-47.

It was doing good on FTG, until there was a change in the site architecture. Matt being a troglodyte and refusing to learn or be aware didn't help. A many fuck yous were exchanged.