Random Assault is a podcast that was created by Flabslapper because at the age of 28 he needed something to do besudes playing videogames, working a part time job, fapping, and living with his parents. First aired March 18th, 2011 with great fanfare. The hosts of Random Assault, which were quite involved in the GamesRadar forums, helped it getting exposure for its launch.


First segment consists of videogames and other media and the second segment consists of sex stories, fap stories, criminal records, and futa porn. However sex stories, fap stories can be in first or second segments. Third segment consists of topics chosen at random or whatever happens to enter one of the hosts' squirrel brains at that moment.

Numbers are episode 001, and will work up until 1000.

They introduced a Community Service segment where a host gets a suggestion from the community about an entertainment medium to review.


On the Random Assault page they release cool prototype Random Assault apparel of hats, and baraclavas that will never see light of day.



It's direct rival was the KongKast which was promoted and hyped up for 2 years by using photos and videos on the GamesRadar threads. Since March 18th, 2011 Random Assault has made 65 episodes, not including the XMAS special, and 4 minor assaults. While KongKast has yet to make another podcast.

PCN GenEdit

A forerunner to Random Assault, it first began as Fan Radar as a homage to the TalkRadar show. Knowing that it being a fan podcast would be lame, and they rebranded to be PCN gen, which stands for Past, Current, and Next Generation which is a pretty cool name. Hosts went on to go their seperate ways, made Breener in episode 22 say Random Assault is his 2nd favorite podcast.

That Other CastEdit

Paraprahasing Flabslapper "Fuck those guys, the never promoted the TalkRadar Community Extravanganza.

Inevitable EndEdit

Once Random Assault reaches episode 1000, there will be a huge mass suicide where all the hosts,guests, and fans will all commit suicide as one, and the world will know our creative genius.