Assault Gattai Mix

The album artwork for "Assault! Gattai-Mix", the definitive version of the Random Assault theme.

The theme song for the podcast is "Assault!" by Mitch Rozetar under the artist name Magnetar. The song is a catchy, driving chiptune piece and has become synonymous with the podcast since its inception. The song is available to download on bandcamp.


The theme song was initially "Popular Potpurri" from the VVVVVV soundtrack, hearkening back to the TalkRadar Fan Special, the podcast that started it all. Then, for a few episodes it was the "Dog Ending" song from Silent Hill 2. Finally, "Assault!" made its debut at the beginning of Episode 010, and has served as the theme ever since. Mitch composed the tune realizing that the show needed its own theme as opposed to something that already existed; something the show could call their own. In talks with Tony during the production, Mitch composed the song in a matter of a few hours.


Aside from kicking off every podcast since Episode 010, the song has been featured in other Random Assault media and videos. The song serves as the theme for the RA-View video series. Tony once played the song on the cult classic music game Vib Ribbon. Mitch played the song using an interactive guitar shirt.


Alex has done a few covers of the song. A demake of the song was made by him in WarioWare D.I.Y., and he also composed an island version of the song. Mitch himself composed an altered version of the theme for the 2011 Christmas special.


This version of the song is the "definitive" version of the song, and the current version being used as the theme. Mitch amped up the original just in time for Episode 050, adding a new verse and giving the song a punchier and mre complete feel. It has served as the theme for the show since then.